Weekly Watercolor Classes in Denton, TX CANCELLED due to renovations... Hobby Lobby has closed the classroom indefinately. I have kept the following information posted in case classes can resume at some point.For my instruction you are welcome to join me at my annual Art Abroad trip or at my annual UN-Traditional Watercolor Workshop/Retreat at Ghost Ranch, NM. See tabs above for more information!

Each week I have a lesson plan printed for your future reference in case you wish to try an "old" lesson again at a later date. (I am a former public school art teacher and lesson plans are important!)
We meet on Thursdays from 9:30-noon at Hobby Lobby in Denton on Loop 288
Beginners as well as those who have painted longer than I have!!! I begin with a quick lesson on drawing and once I see the level a new student is at, I work from there. 
If you already have some materials, bring them in! If not, at the beginning you can gradually build up your materials and to help that, I have a palette you can use the first day. I made the mistake of buying cheap watercolors when I first started out and since they will last for years, I regretted that and encourage my students to use the best and as they can, add more colors. The cheap paints are not lightfast and don't blend the same.  For that reason, I buy good quality w/c but huge tubes so that I can fill your palette as you wish  with good paint, much reduced cost because I can get enough paint from one tube for 3 palettes. I buy it when I can get free shipping and by buying 1/3 of a tube it is very reasonable. Still, when you fill an entire palette of up to 26 colors or so, it does add up and be done as you find colors you love using!. You can buy a very good palette at HL with a 40% discount and the brushes are very reasonable also. You only really need 3 and you can use mine until you have your own. The other thing you will need is a watercolor pad from HL. It is also cheap (brown with a purple thistle on the cover. I never paint on someone's paper, but I will show you something in this pad, and you can practice some of those things on it rather than your good paper. Speaking of paper, I also buy our paper as I am very picky about that one thing. I use a bright white Kilamanjhao 140# paper which allows my color to show brilliantly--kind of my trademark, I guess. I sell a half sheet for $3 (22 x 15) even though the price on that has gone up since I bought it. We have water containers in the classroom.
My classs structure is built for convenience. We are all busy people (and I do tend to travel a bit mysef). I sell 5 classes at a time and you get a card that is validated when you come to class. The card is good for 8 weeks which allows for classes that might be missed due to travel, appts, company, etc. When you complete you card it is my hope you buy another and continue with us. It is $150 for the 5 classes.
For techniques learned in class...we try a lot of things and I tend to put a different twist on subject matter so that we don't just paint something like a still life or landscape. There are always techniques, materials to combine, and new ideas I present to class. Often we use photos as referrence as we paint--we are not allowed to bring HL merchandise into the classroom, but they have wonderful patterns, colors, ideas and we can take pics of them to use. I use a lot of my travel pics as reference.
 If you can come early on your first day, I can get some one on one time with you and we can get the first lesson begun before everyone else shows up! It is a general drawing lesson. You will get a lesson sheet from me each week and on the first day of class you only need a pencil and the little Strathmore watercolor pad they sell at HL that is 9" x 12" (I think). It's easy to spot as it has a urple thistle on the front of a brown cover. I bring a palette of my own for my new students to dabble with the first day too. Each week you will get an email reminder from me telling you what you need for that week. We are all beginners at some point, right? Jump in and see what you can do! You will be amazed! We have new students aqdd all the time, so it won't be long before some comes in after you and becomes the new kid on the block!
Overall, we have a great time together and would love to have you join us. I get there about 9:15 to set up the tables in the classroom at the back of HL. It does tend to be cold in there, so I bring a denim shirt to wear over my clothes and a little seat pad to warm up the metal chair! 
Hobby Lobby has been diligent about shoplifting and we do bring in a lot of materials so we have to stop at the front of the store to have our supplies checked and  again at leaving (sorry about that...even I have to do it).
I can add you to my class list and you will get an email each week to let you know what we are doing and anything you may need from home. I do ask my students to just let me know if they are/are not coming that week so we don't wait unnecessarily for someone.
My phone # is 940.320.5660 if you have questions! Or email me at darlabostickart@gmail.com

I paint along with the class for every assignment. Here are some of my paintings done in class!