My photos are always a work in progress. The next trip always provides more exciting things to post!

Presently the photos are posted for Northwest America which includes Alaska, British Columbia, Canada, Montana, Utah and Wyoming; Southwest America which includes Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas and Europe which includes some of my favorites from England, France, Ireland, North Ireland and Portugal. South America has images from Mexico, Columbia, Panama, and Costa Rica. The Middle East Gallery is almost done. Although not complete, I have begun the images for Asia which includes China, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand as well as the Caribbean with pics from St Lucia and Jamaica--then I stopped for a breather! And...I don't have posted pics of Agentina, Uruguay, Chile posted or Australia and New Zealand! (There are so many more!)


You can see the pics as a slide show if you double click on the first one for each folder.


When I travel I bring thousands of images home with me. This website represents a very small percentage of my work. I have 3 subjects that have been seen as collective exhibits: "First Impressions of China", "Images of the Emerald Isle" Ireland and "The Great American Southwest". They have been published in national publications, exhibited in museums, galleries and juried shows. I do not enhance my photographs (well, okay there is one of Big Ben in London I had some fun with...).


If you are interested in a particular theme or subject, chances are I have it in my portfolio at home.


Each of the photographs on the website has been drastically reduced in clarity to protect the integrity of the originals. The watermark on each photo is electronically attached and is only used online. When a photograph is ordered, it comes with my personal signature and a certificate of authenticity.


Photographs can be ordered to any size. For prints larger than 16 x 20 the resolution of a particular image may dictate the extent to which it can be enlarged. The prints on deep cradle canvas are beautiful and do not require framing or glass. Generally, it takes 2 weeks to receive an order...depending upon my whereabouts! If I am out of the country with my camera it may take more than 2 weeks to process an order!


An explanation of pricing appears under the header Art For Sale. (to be posted at the completion of this section of the website). In the meantime, contact me. 


I have extracted the images of people and nature from the geographic galleries and placed them in their own galleries. Be sure to check those out. The scenery of a place can be incredible but it is the people who make it interesting! So, visit again and maybe another group of photos will be ready to view! (At least I hope someday in my lifetime)