Don’t try to create the perfect travel journal…create the perfect memory.  


                                                                                        ~~ Darla Bostick<


You are invited to Southern France this year!

8-17 October 2021


For those who register by 15 August you can

take advantage of a special discount offered

by Darla!  Save 100 euros!


WHAT IS AN ART ADVENTURE ABROAD WITH DARLA? The folks at LaRomita put together this video I did on a zoom about my art workshop/retreats. It is posted thruogh youtube:

Simply put, my Art Adventure is just that. We are a very small group of artists (and non-artists who desire the encounter) who experience the culture, sites, foods of another country as we gather photographs, sketches and with paint and other fun materials learn how to make an art journal of the trip! It's great fun, easy for non-arties to do and is a unique record of your adventure! I will be making an art journal and will show you how to do the same with some special ideas for each page. We use our cameras to gather images and while on site may do some quick sketches or painting but primarily we use our time to see the area. Each day there is a fun challenge for photography as well as the journal itself. There are also lessons dedicated to various techniques. This art travel holiday will provide time for both sightseeing and painting. Each day when we return "home" for the day we have time for instruction and creating!  Seasoned artists as well as new artists are welcome. Even the spouses have fun.


Having traveled to 75+ countries, I have experience planning trips. In May 2015 I realized my dream to plan and travel abroad with artists. Since then my annual Art Adventures Abroad has included visits to Spain (2015), Portugal with added river cruise (2016) , Ireland (2017), Denmark/Germany (2018) and Southern France (2019).  In 2020 our plans for the Umbrian region of Italy were cancelled due to the pandemic. In October 2021 it is back to France! BUT only FUN people can come...if you can't walk a mile during the day,  pack light and manage your own bags, this is not for you! The terrain in Europe can be a challenge with steep stairs and cobblestones where elevators/escalators are rare! If you require walking assistance you should consider not joining us for this experience.


I am not a travel agent, but I arrange lodging, meals and itenerary. (The exception is in France where we enjoy Angela and Chloe's culinary talents at our retreat. And since we are staying at the Perigord retreat, there is no hauling luggage!)  Generally my trips are 10 days-2 weeks. In the evenings we relax with happy hour (optional!) and add to our ongoing art journal, paint, catch up on emails or settle in with a book...even our non-artists in the group can learn to journal creatively! 


Pricing, etc is on the tab to the left for 2021 France.


You are invited! Bring a friend, bring a spouse or other family member along for a memorable experience! It's always a VERY small group so if you are interested in the next trip let me know early. Our France trip in 2019 had 9 of us! Those on my contact list are the first invited to future workshops/ adventures (if you missed our adventure this year, ask to have me add you to my early-contact list)! 


There are tabs on the upper left corner of this page to view photo scrapbooks of past Art Abroad Adventures! We are easy to spot---we are the ones with smiles! Make some new art friends and learn something new!


Future plans:

8-17 October 2021: We return to Southern France in the Dordogne region to stay at our wonderful Perigord Retreats. Take a look at the tab on the left for 2021 France. The tab to the left "France 2021" has more information.

Also, the website for Perigord Retreats is:


Plans for 2022:

My Art Adventure Abroad 2020 to Italy was cancelled due to the pandemic. Plans are underway for Italy in September 2022. Contact me for details or if you wish to be placed on my email list for notification. 

Our 2019 group with sketchbooks...each different, each special but every one packed with wonderful memories!