Simply put, my Art Adventure is just that. We are a small group of artists (and sometimes we have non-artists who desire the experience) who experience the culture, sites, foods of another country as we gather photographs and a few sketches of the trip! I keep an art journal and encourage the group to do the same. Sometimes we stop for 20 minutes to sketch, sometimes we relax with the journals in the evening. (see notes for 2019...it's a bit different)


Having traveled to 65+ countries, I have a lot of experience planning trips. In May 2015 I realized my dream to travel abroad with artists to share my favorite places. Each year since I have offered an Art Adventure Abroad! In 2015 we went to Spain,  2016 to Portugal (and added an optional river cruise afterwards) and 2017 we went to Ireland. It's a VERY small group so if you are interested in the next group let me know early. BUT only FUN people can come...if you can't walk a mile, can't pack light and carry your own bags, or be flexible, this is not for you!


I am not a travel agent, but I make all the arrangements. We have 1 or 2 cars and use public transit if it's easier! Generally my trips are 10 days-2 weeks. We usually eat one meal out each day and the rest of time we picnic or cook at our homebase. [The price does not include food or airfare]

In the evenings we relax with happy hour (optional!) and add to our ongoing art journal, catch up on emails or read a book, whatever...even the non-artists learn to journal!


It needs to be stressed here that we do not "camp out" in one spot for the day to paint. There are too many fun things to do and terrific things to see...and I am a huge fan of packing light!  So, we use our camera as our sketchpad and put our time to better use to see the area. [France in 2019 is an exception!]


If you are interested let me know. Sign up to be on my contact list for future workshops/adventures and you will be the first to know! 


There are tabs on the left of this page as scrapbooks of past Art Abroad Adventures! Join the fun.



tabs on the left will be added soon for the next 2 Art Adventures Abroad


2018 June/July:  Copenhagen, Denmark followed by Hamburg and Berlin, Germany. New info will be posted this week.  


2019 July: Dordogne, France 3-12 July (plus 1 extra day on the 13th for flights home) 

more details later!  http://perigord-retreats.com/darla-bostick-july-2019/ 

Each day we will be taken to a charming village area. The lavender will be in bloom. We will stay at a private villa where we have a studio available to us. Meals will be prepared and we are able to emmerse ourselves in our art. More info will be posted soon. Your airport pickup/return, lodging and meals are included.