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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic workshops were delayed. Plan to join me 26 Sept-2 Oct 2021 for the UN-Traditional Water media event.  Hope you can join us!

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[The June multi-media event will occur 12-18 June 2022 and the Fall UN-traditional Watercolor event is 24-30 Sept 2022.] The 2022 registration will be posted following the 2021 workshop/retreat.



For the past several years the Fall watermedia workshop has more than filled. In 2018 I added a second workshop/retreat in June when we do everything except paint--textiles, printmaking, jewelry, etc. Something different every day.


2021: Multi-Media workshop resumes 12-18 June 2022.


The fall 2021 workshop is watermedia with a twist!

2021: Sunday, 26 Sept - Saturday, 2 October:

The October workshop is my Un-traditional watermedia workshop (with new techniques and materials tossed in using acrylics, inks and watercolor).


Each workshop offers two optional field trips. We visit Georgia O'Keeffe's home and studio in Abiquiu as well as the Landscape Tour on the Ranch property to see where she lived and what she painted. Early registration is suggested!

It is not a country of light on things, it is a country of things in light.” Georgia O’Keeffe


From Ghost Ranch (printed with permission)

October 22, 2012

"If you ask ten people why they came to Ghost Ranch you might get ten different answers. We are painters, fighters for social justice, writers, potters, fossil finders and just everyday people looking for a safe place to spend meaningful time with our families. We might first come for a specific event but we may come back for an entirely different reason or to try something totally new. So what happens at Ghost Ranch that changes people's lives and calls us back?

Looking around the dining hall you can't tell the occupations, class or status of the people here. In our hats and layers of sunscreen, and sturdy walking shoes, who among us is a potter, a lawyer, a pastor, a writer?

We come to Ghost Ranch to follow our passions whether it is to find ways to strike back at climate change or to sing in a choir or to study poetry. While on the way, we find ourselves going somewhere else, somewhere deeper and more meaningful.

On the trail at Chimney Rock overlooking the Piedra Lumbre basin we allow our imaginations to fill the valley below with dinosaurs. We see over 210 million years ago when Coelophysis lived in a wet forest on this land near the equator. The planet shifts and we find ourselves in a different time where tribes of Native American Indians traversed the Rio Chama corridor, clashing cultures with Spanish settlers. The planet shifts again and we behold Georgia O'Keeffe walking amid the red hills carrying bones she found scattered across the high desert. Many who visit are touched by all that came before on the very spot they are standing. A chord is struck and something within us rings true.

We find ourselves getting in touch with things that were hidden before. A woman who came to study watercolor found herself processing the grief she had stored after the death of her mother. She thought she had come for the painting but realized she had come for the healing.

Year after year, people return to reconnect, reaffirm, grow and evolve. We absorb the lessons offered not only by the outstanding programs but by the soul enriching siren song of this place. Here we become a part of the place as the place becomes a part of us."