The 2017 Ghost Ranch Workshop/Retreat filled by mid-May. I would love to put you on my “future workshop list” so you get my art news first! 

Plan now for 2018! The dates are 30 Sept-6 October. There are 7 people already on the list...


Darla Bostick’s 10th Art Workshop/Retreat


Ghost Ranch at Abiquiu, New Mexico


Sunday, 1 October-Saturday, 7 Oct 2017


Registration Form 



Welcome to the Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu art experience!

From their statement of Vision, “Ghost Ranch is called to be…an open place for body, mind and spirit…a place to wonder, to challenge, to create, to explore…”


Name: ______________________________ Address:_____________________________________________

Phone: (home) _______________ (your cel) _______________  

Email: __________________________________

Age: ________

Emergency Contact Person/Phone: _____________________


The Art Workshop fee is $550 for each participant and is not included with room & board prices.


Rooms: We have 7 days/6 nights of lodging (twin beds--some rooms have queens and doubles) & includes daily meals. Ghost Ranch charges a $5/person Conservation Fee and a rental fee for our workshop area which has been added to the room rates below. Rooms on the Main Ranch Level have been requested but not guaranteed.

Early requests on room types have a better chance of availability. I reserve the best the Ranch has to offer with private bathroom for each room. (Dorm type rates are cheaper but require early reservation). Check the lodging tab for more info.

Room and Board Rates (per person for 6 nights)       

Single room is $1095  (includes conservation fee, room & meals for one) 

Shared room is $1290 (includes 2 conservaton fees, room & meals for two--or $645 each)


For camping and RV's: (These are 2016 rates) Tent sites $25/night; small RV/tent sites with electricity $30/night; RV full-hook-up sites $35/night. None include meals but meals can be arranged directly through the office with Ghost Ranch (505.685.4333)--breakfast $10, lunch $12, dinner $14. The $5 Conservation fee/person is additional. For campers, the workshop fee of $550 holds your place in the workshop. Campers should arrange their campsite preferences and meals with Ghost Ranch directly rather than through Darla. Tell the office you are in our group! Cheaper lodging is available with dorm-style baths. The rooms do not have locked doors but include meals. 


One other option on rooms is the semi-private...this is a 2-bedroom cottage with one bathroom. None are reserved in our room block but if enough notice is requested it can be done and there are some that are very convenient! With one person in each of the bedrooms the cost comes down considerably from a private bathroom setup. If there is 1 person in each of the 2 bedrooms the cost is $1230 each. For a group of 4 (2 in each bedroom) the cost goes down to $810 each person. This does not include the workshop fee or the optional field trips.


Optional Field Trips:

Optional tours for artist/guest (Landscape $38/O'Keeffe home studio $40 each)


Fees Other than Room and Board:

Art Building fee for workshop participants ($110 each)

Workshop fee ($550)


Summation: For the ENTIRE package of Main Level Lodging with private bath and meals, 2 tours, Art Building fee and workshop fee for workshop participants: 

$1383 each (this is with a workshop roomate)        

$1833 for a single room, private bath, no roomate

Both tours are optional. If you don't want to do the studio tour you can hang out with Darla on a different outing at the same time.

For a couple, with 1 artist doing the tours/workshop the cost together is $2026 when they share a room. If the non-art participant wants to add on tours, they may.


Preferred Roommate: ________________________________

If you are registering alone but would like to have a roommate, Darla will try to team you up with another artist.

If you require information concerning transportation from the airport to Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu or would like to pool resources with other participants, provide

Time/day of arrival in Santa Fe or Albuquerque:____________________________


Payment Schedule:(Unfortunately all payments are nonrefundable--Darla pays one year in advance)

NOW: A $500 deposit guarantees you on the workshop reservation list--send in registration form to Darla 

20 July: Remainder of room/board payment AND payment for the optional field trips

20 August: Final balance due: workshop & workroom fee: $660. Failure to meet the final payment deadline forfeits all payments & your place in the workshop. Please note space is limited to 17 artists. Complete & return this application with a non-refundable deposit to guarantee your place at the workshop.

I want to reserve a seat for: ___ Georgia O’Keeffe Landscape Tour--$38

                                            ___ Georgia O’Keeffe Home/Studio Tour--$40

I acknowledge that Darla Bostick is the organizer/teacher of the workshop and I hereby release her of any legal responsibility in case of injury.

Signature: _________________________________________________________________________   Date: _____________________


Mail checks to: Darla Bostick, 2101 Woodbrook, Denton, TX 76205.   Call Darla 940.320.5660 with any questions.

For office use only: ____ Full payment ____ Deposit 1   ___ Deposit 2 ___Check      (Sorry, no credit card payment available)