Registrants will be sent a list when the specific lessons are worked out.  Below is the watercolor supply list for the 2018 October retreat/workshop. For the 2019 patient! It will be updated as the event nears and we see what goodies our sponsors send!

Darla Bostick’s


2018 Art Workshop/Retreat


OCTOBER Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM


(participants will receive an email update after sponsor materials arrive)


This workshop is for your favorite media but I will be painting with watercolors and acrylics on paper and other materials. We always have wonderful sponsors who send us merchandise to experiment and learn how to use. This year I am bringing an array of materials for you to use during your week (and some to take home!). As the workshop nears I will modify this may not need to bring as much as you think!


Each year a welcome bag is prepared for each artist. We also have door prizes. Our generous sponsors are listed on the sponsorship tab. We will use these materials during the week and take them home! Pack very light as you arrive and leave space in your suitcase (bring zip lock bags for transport).


Digital camera, manual and USB cord

Battery charger or extra batteries, depending on power source

Memory card for camera must be compatible with my photo printer—SD cards work great!

If you use your phone for photography, my little photo printer will work with your phone USB connection but it is much harder than using a digital camera! We must download your pics to my computer then use my printer from the computer images (it's a hassel compared to using a digital camera).



You have the option of painting outdoors or the luxury of indoors. If you are accustomed to plein aire painting, you know what you need. We will all be gathering images at the different sites by sketching or photographing. Most artists prefer to gather images and paint in our Arts Building where we have tables, cold water dispenser, toilets, a kitchen, etc. (plus a full wall window with a view of the Pedernal).

*Paint palettes – If you fly to the workshop, a plastic plate or tray can work. If you prefer a palette, my favorite is the Sterling Edwards palette--with wells for 2" brushes. When I travel I like to use the Murillo paint palette with a flip lid and 33 wells for paints with a removable mixing tray.
*Brushes—one 1” flat brush, one 2" flat brush, one round brush, one fine brush. Bring what you like to use. If you don't want to use your watercolor brush for acrylics, bring an extra brush or two.

*Water sprayer (fine mist is great)

Watercolor paper --If you wish to paint outside, a watercolor block provides a stable surface and fits inside a suitcase. Otherwise, the best paper is loose 140# cold press paper. You will need 4 full flat sheets for the workshop. 
*Water bowl or get something from the Ranch kitchen

Pencil and Eraser (Provided) Watercolor pencils are optional.

*Watercolors-- Darla brings some large tubes of watercolors and sells them at no profit by the thirds--it's the cheapest way to fill your palette. DO NOT BUY “ACADEMIC” STUDENT GRADE PAINTS even if you are a beginner.

Acrylics: *Bring a 2 oz container of craft-type liquid acrylic that has a nozzle. You can pick a fabulous color and we will share.

IFwe have a sponsor giving us yupo paper, we will use it. Check out some you-tube videos if you are unfamiliar with it. Bring 3 alcohol inks (put inside  a triple bagged zip-lock bag for travel--and it can go in your check-in bag if flying). Check with Darla to see if we are going to do this, or not.

Plastic cover for your oblong table (this will be your "personal" space for the week in the art building) Again, Dollar Tree is your best friend!

Fine line frisket: this is frisket in a small nozzle dispenser



Pitt Pens --at least bring one medium and one fine tip black. These are waterproof, india ink markers. Microns also work but cost more. I use the set of Pitt pens available at Hobby Lobby.



It is DRY in New Mexico. Bring body lotion, eye drops, lip balm, saline nose spray, etc.

Flashlight--it is DARK at night


Hat or visor with large brim
Water bottle or thermos
Umbrella—it could rain in the late afternoon/early evening


Bring your own hair products

Medical supplies: medications or any health-related items (cpap machine, etc)

If you choose to add hiking, fishing or horseback riding, come prepared.

Optional: Small portable desk light could be useful at night--bring an extension cord if it plugs. Our room is dimly lit after dark. 

Address labels so you can put your name on the new materials you receive (yours will look like everyone else's otherwise!)



We will be doing a bit of walking (nothing strenuous but about one mile). Sturdy closed shoes are recommended. If you desire to wait in our workroom as we investigate the different areas on the Ranch, that is fine. The temps are "layer up, take off, and later layer back up" kind of weather. The weather is nippy in the mornings and evenings, so bring a jacket, pants, sweater. Be comfortable! 

You will be in O’Keeffe Country! "From the Faraway Nearby~~Georgia O'Keeffe as Icon" edited by Christopher Merrill and Ellen Bradbury ...or any book on the life of this artist! Another one is "Georgia Becoming O'Keeffe."


FINALLY...and TOTALLY optional: We love to paint and have a munch time while painting at night. Bring something to share! Cheese, crackers, chocolate, etc. We have a refrigerator in our workroom. More on that later!




For those who fly...this is from the FAA:

"Watercolors, acrylics, pigments and most artist oil paints

Quantity limits: none

Artist paints that are nonflammable and are not regulatied by the FAA and may be carried in Carry on or checked baggage. For transportation purposes, "Nonflammable" paints are those with a flashpoint above 140 F degrees/60 C degrees. The flashpoint is listed on a product's material safety data sheet (MSDA). Section 14 of the MSDA will also ndicateif the product is regulated for transportation. The MSDS is usually avaialbe onluye from the vendor or manufacturer. Some artist paints such as alkly gels, phoyurethanes and varnishes can be flammable (flashpoint at or below temps listed above). Flammabe paint products may not be carried in carry-on or checked baggage. Paint thinners, turpentine and brush cleaners are flammable liquids and may not be carried in carry-on or checked baggage. Aerosols paint products use a flammable propellant and may not be carried in carry-on or checked baggage. Liquids, pastes and gels in carry-on baggage are further limited to 100-ml (3.4 oz) containers at the TSA security checkpoint.