Travel to Ghost Ranch

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Talk to me about your travel plans. Every effort has been made to help artists afford this event.

Ghost Ranch is in a remote area located 65 miles northwest of Santa Fe (forty miles beyond Española) on U.S. 84. 


The nearest major airport is in Albuquerque (Al-ba-kirky), 65 miles south of Santa Fe but 130 miles south of Ghost Ranch. It is approximately an hour’s drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe and another hour between Santa Fe and Ghost Ranch Abiquiu. Allow at least two hours driving time between Albuquerque and Ghost Ranch Abiquiu (not counting connections or waiting time). There is a shuttle service from the airport to Santa Fe. There is also a shuttle--Sandia ShuttleXpress that will carry groups to Ghost Ranch if there are 6 or more. Call for rates at 888.775.5696 in Abiquiu (Aba-que). 


American Airlines operates their American Eagle (a small jet) directly into the airport at Santa Fe, but cities offering this flight are limited. There is one from the DFW area (and perhaps from the Los Angeles area) which arrives about 10:30am into Santa Fe. You still need to arrange ground transport from Santa Fe to Ghost Ranch an hour away.



For 2 or more travellers flying into the airport it's cheaper to carpool in a rented car and Darla can help group people for that purpose.Usually participants share a rental car from the airport and it works well. Let Darla know if you need assistance with this.



If you drive yourself but don't mind another rider for company or to share expenses, I can match you with someone coming from your area (unless you are coming with someone already). In the past workshop artists have traveled together from where I live in Denton. The ride is comfortable in my custom van. We spend the night enroute both ways to avoid a long drive each way. I am driving again this year, but it is limited space. This allows us to take in a sight or two as we drive each way. Cost is $120 each plus lodging and meals.


You may need to arrive in Santa Fe a day before the workshop due to train schedules. According to the information on the Ghost Ranch website they recommend making your Amtrak train reservation through to Santa Fe. Your train ride will end in Lamy and an Amtrak shuttle will take you to into Santa Fe. (There is a $20 charge for the Lamy to Santa Fe shuttle — add this when you make your train reservation.)

NOTE: I have never had a participant arrive by train, so this information is strictly pulled from the internet which means it may not be recent information.



You can call Ghost Ranch and see what information they have on this commercial option. I have not had anyone use it, so I have no personal reference. My experience is it's cheaper to rent a car with another artist in our group and I can help connect you for this.