2023 18th Ghost Ranch Art Workshop/Retreat in Oct/Nov

2023 Art Adventures Abroad in Italy

2022 17th Ghost Ranch UN-Traditional Watercolor Workshop/Retreat, Sept

2022 16th Ghost Ranch Mixed Medias Workshop/Retreat, June

2021 15th Ghost Ranch Art Workshop/Retreat, Sept/Oct--UNtraditional Watermedia

June and Oct 2020, June 2021 cancelled due to the Pandemic

2019 14th Ghost Ranch Art Workshop/Retreat, October--UNtraditional Watermedia

2019 Dordogne River area, Perigord, France July 2019 Art Abroad Adventure

2019 13th Ghost Ranch Art Workshop/Retreat, June--Multi-Media Workshop

2019 Branson, MO Art Retreat 

2018 Copenhagen, Denmark and Hamburg and Berlin, Germany

2018 12th Ghost Ranch Art Workshop/Retreat, October

2018 11th Ghost Ranch Art Workshop/Retreat, June

2017 10th Ghost Ranch Art Workshop/Retreat

2016 9th Ghost Ranch Art Workshop/Retreat

2015 8th Ghost Ranch Art Workshop/Retreat

2015 3rd Branson Art Retreat (Cape Cod Style Resort)

2014 7th Ghost Ranch Art Workshop/Retreat

2014 2nd Branson, MO Mixed Medias Art Retreat

2013 1st Branson, MO Halloween Art Retreat

2013 6th Ghost Ranch Art Retreat/Workshop in Abiquiu, NM~~October

2012 Ghost Ranch Workshop/Retreat, Abiquiu, NM

2011 Ghost Ranch Workshop/Retreat, Abiquiu, NM

2010 Oak Creek Workshop/Retreat, Sedona, AZ

2010 Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM--3rd Art Workshop/Retreat

2009 2nd Ghost Ranch Workshop/Retreat, Abiquiu, NM

2008 1st Ghost Ranch Workshop/Retreat, Santa Fe, NM