Each year several merchandizers generously help support my Ghost Ranch Workshop by sending wonderful materials for our use. The following are our generous sponsors for the 2016 Ghost Ranch Art Experience

Ampersand (Claybords and Aquabords)

Arches Paper

Belletrist Design Loft (for the design of my beautiful postcards every year)

Blue Heron Arts Company (animal-free brushes and water brushes)

Canson (Illustration Art Boards)

Chroma (Atelier acrylics and paint formulas)

Daylight Lamps

Dick Blick Art Materials (Liquitex and Utrech materials)

Epson Inks

Fineline (masque pens)


Judson's Outfitters Guerrilla Painters (complete thumb box kit & Guerrilla notebooks)

Legion Paper (yupo paper and St Cuthbert's Mill papers, Stonehenge Aqua paper)

M Graham Watercolors


Weber (Colors by Nature paints)


(and hoping to hear from others!)