This is Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu … Can you picture yourself here?


From their Statement of Vision:  “Ghost Ranch is called to be…an open place for body, mind and spirit…a place to wonder, to challenge, to create, to explore…”


This is the area where Georgia O’Keeffe did her most remembered work. Like her, you will appreciate this place for the rugged beauty of the mesas, the unexpected pools of water and the refreshing afternoon showers followed by breath-taking sunsets.


Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu is far from the matters of the everyday world. The landscape is washed in hues of sienna, olive, ochre, gamboge and Indian red. As were the native peoples, artists have been drawn to this place for many years. There is something about the lighting that arouses the creative spirit.


Time spent at Ghost Ranch is time well spent…artistically, spiritually, playfully. Get in touch with your inner Spirit here.


Darla's art workshop is very different from other workshops.  Most art workshops confine the group in a window-less room where they share work tables. Artists view demonstrations, have time for individual painting and at the close of the day they go their separate way home to return phone calls, emails, cook/clean..., and the next morning the process repeats. This workshop is not like those workshops in any respect.


A retreat is a restoration process. A renewal.


We come, we share, we experience incredible scenery, and we learn. A retreat gives us permission to escape from our ordinary world even if only for a few days. We build new professional (and personal) friendships as we eat together, laugh together, create together and spend quality time with the other participants from all over the country. We stretch our thinking…our concepts of art. We stretch our imagination and just maybe we sense a deeper purpose to our art work.


Experience Ghost Ranch at Abiquiu with Darla and other creative souls.


Cell phones work near the dining hall, there is no television and a computer is available in the library and main office area. Disconnect for a week, retreat from the everyday concerns and get in touch with your creative Spirit.


Come eat, sleep and paint at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu--65 miles northwest of Santa Fe. (Abiquiu is not the same as Albuquerque –although Albuquerque is the major airport). It is remote…in fact, there is really nothing around Ghost Ranch but scenery. We eat our meals in the Ghost Ranch Dining Hall.


About pets on the Ranch... for day guests, leashed dogs are allowed to visit and hike. If you are in a self-contained RV that allows the pet a comfortable stay inside, they are welcome to join you overnight in the campground. They are not allowed in any other lodging. Leashed pets are welcome to go with you as you explore the property, but may not enter any of the buildings. Assistance animals with prior notification to the Registrar's Office are allowed: 505.685.1000 [It is recommended that interested persons check with the office for any changes in this policy.]

For more information check the links for schedule, supplies, lodging options and our field trips…including the Georgia O’Keeffe Landscape Tour on Ranch property as well as the O’Keeffe Home and Studio Tour in Abiquiu.