Your comfort level determines your expenses for the room…ranging from private rooms to a step above camping! The request is in for all Ranch level rooms near the dining hall and the Arts Building. If you reserve a room and share it with someone else (a spouse or another artist) you simply split the cost of the room! All rooms reserved for the art workshop/retreat are "private bath" rooms which means 2 beds and ensuite private bath. They are the most comforatble and convenient rooms at the Ranch. Other types of rooms are available at the Ranch costing less and share the bathroom. Some rooms offer handicapped facilities and others have the feel of the original Ranch in their location closer to the office! The prices vary but are primarily determined by the bathroom situation. If you don't mind "roughing" it, you can camp, bring an RV or stay in a dorm situation. Below is more information with photos.

A limited number of rooms have been reserved in order to keep our artist group rather small (18 artists maximum).


Payment details are included on the Registration Form. 


All payments are non-refundable unless a substitue participant is found. (Darla pays 1+ year ahead)


All rooming options include 3 daily meals prepared at Ghost Ranch in the dining hall beginning with dinner the first day and concluding with breakfast the last day.


Any room type can be booked as a private, single room if you wish.



Ghost Ranch defines their room options according to what type of bath comes with the room/rooms.

There is more information on their web site.

Ranch Level Private Baths (these are the most popular & I have reserved as many as possible for our group). The room is $930. With meals added, one person the cost is $1125 for room and board. For 2 people to share a room the cost is $1320 for both together--or $660 each for room and board.  These rooms have their own shower or tub (see below): 

Semi Private—Two bedrooms share one full bathroom--great for 4 friends attending together or 2 who want separate sleeping arrangement and don't mind sharing a bathroom area! Below is the Garden Cottage.

Casita—rustic, and a bit removed from the main dining area, but very convenient to the New Arts Building which is our group activity area. I recommend bringing a sleeping bag or something to pad the somewhat thin mattresses. The nearby bathrooms are VERY nice. The pictures below show the casitas. The floor is cement, bunk beds are basic and in October it is brisk. I don't recommend this as a choice but if you like to rough it, save money and have convenience to the Art Building, it might be perfect. The rooms are VERY resonable. (They are pictured below)

Mesa Dorm Bath—Each room has a sink (there is a men and women’s bathroom in the building, but showers are in another building close by). This is on the highest elevation and has a steep road to access. 

Mesa Private -- Like the Lower Level Private but higher elevation, pictured below.

The Cedar Private Bath Main Ranch Level: This houses 2 bedrooms with 2 twins each, 2 baths and a small community area. Perfect for 4. It's between the dining room and office. The rooms rent out as locked-off separate bedroom units. (See bleow)

Main Level Corral Dorms: These are cheaper than the private baths. They are some of the oldest rooms on the Ranch. The community showers and toilets are a few doors down (you must walk outside to get there). The Main Level Corral Dorms are the least convenient rooming for our New Arts Building where we spend the day and the dining hall. If you don't mind a walk and want to save money on your week, this might be an option! NOTE there are no locks on the doors for the rooms. (See below). There are also dorm rooms nearer the dining hall and they are $85/night (if you share that is only $42.50 each plus your conservation fee of $5 each). These are not in the rserved block of rooms for Darla's week, so let her know right away for availability.

The room and board rates in our art package are those that Ghost Ranch charges. Darla does not profit from the room rates, nor does she get a group discount on the rooms (or even on her own room). The rental fee on the Art Building is not included with the art workshop fee and is shared by all in the workshop (see registration form). 


The block of rooms reserved for the Darla Bostick Art Workshop/Retreat are Lower Level Private. Should you prefer a different option on your room, arrangements can be made to check availability. Two of the semi-private are very convenient, but not currently saved for our event. 


The best budget option is to bring a roommate (regardless of whether they participate in the workshop). Non-participating adult roommates are welcome to join us for our opening reception, meals, field trips and evenings in the activity room. During the day they can spend their time at their own leisure.


If you have an RV there is room for you! Meals can be added and there is a $5 Conservation Fee per person. No pets are allowed, but there is a nearby State Park with room for RV living. Ghost Ranch also offers 3 types of camping options: 

1) Tent Sites $35 per night

2) Small RV/Tent sites with electricity $40 per night

3) RV Full-Hook Up sites $45 per night


NOTE: If you plan to attend the workshop, but do not have a roommate, every effort will be made by Darla to match you with one if you wish.