This is my travel art bag inventory: 


(Most of the below appears in the photo)

PACK LIGHT (minimize the size of everything you carry, i.e. a mini-mister for watercolors instead of a full size sprayer)​
ORGANIZE  Use a small plastic container with a flip lid (so you don't have loose items to keep up with) and fill this with short brushes (cut off if necessary), pencil, kneaded eraser, etc. The small black lidded box in the photo shows what I use.

LESS IS BEST   My art stuff (except for the journal itself) fits neatly into a soft sided bag (actually a thermal lunch bag) with shoulder strap (the photo above shows a ruler for scale)


Soft-sided bag with shoulder strap which holds: (* indicates shown in photo above)

Pencil & sharpener—I use the Dollar Tree school pencils with replacement graphite “cartridges” 

Kneaded eraser


*Small washcloth or fold up a few paper towels (Cheap Joe’s has towels that when wet enlarge to full size!)

One 2-oz craft acrylic of any color and we will share. Pack this inside a zip lock bag.

Collapsible water container, or one that the other supplies will fit inside—usually I can get a cup somewhere

CAMERA for reference photos later     Optional: tripod (I don’t use one but I do have a 4" tiny one)

*Small travel brushes & 1” flat brush for washes [a water brush is great--dispenses water from inside handle to the brush]

*Pitt markers pack of 4 black or brown and a couple of tombow markers--your choice of colors! I always draw my work with marker and then paint for my journals

Small scissors (mine fold in half)

*Spiral Watercolor Pad as your journal--no smaller than 5 x 7

Bottle of water (for you as well as for pouring into a cup)

*Travel paint palette--There are so many options!

I inherited a Murillo paint box which holds 33 colors and has a removable tray. I love it andit is great for studio time. I'l bring mine to share. (In fact, I have 2 for 66 beautiful colors)

For travel-in-a-suitcase trips, this is better: a Dollar Tree small vitamin “chest” with one tray, or drawer, for each day and each has 4 compartments—I put one color family in each “daily” tray. (pictured in the supply photo above).

I rarely paint on site, but I do sketch. If you plan to paint a bit on site here are some suggestions

There is also a terrific Royal Lagnickel Essentials Watercolor Artist Colors FlipKit Travel Watercolor Set that looks like paint chips that flip out in a fan with a water brush included (I got one at WalMart).

Viviva Colorsheets has 16 colors activated with an included waterbrush

If you are looking for a complete watercolor palette with brush and water holder clasped to the side, check out the Portable Painter at www.portablepainter.com. It can rest on your leg as you paint.


TO WEAR: Hat or visor, Sunscreen, Bug Spray


Extra fun stuff if it fits: w/c sticks, w/c markers, Art Graf putty (I like the color that is Indian Red watercolor)--I usually bring some to share with everyone! A set of gel pens is great fun also. 


I bring a lot of suppies to share and will send a list--it will cut down on the above list.