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In May 2015 I took a group of 8 of us for an Art Adventure in Spain for 2 weeks and I have already started planning another in Portugal for April 2016 before the summer air fares go up. I'll post details when I have some. If you are interested, pop me an email and I'll be sure you get the news! We had a blast in Spain...check under the tab for Art Adventure Abroad. Let's see the world...in fact, one day while we are in Portugal we ARE going literally to the "End of the World." Limit: 8 people (sometimes smaller IS better!)



The Calendar For Sale Tab to the upper left has details! Sorry...this sold out. Watch for next year's calendar (or email me to put you on the notification list!).



Learn something new...or more than you do now


WHEN: Fridays, 9:30-noon (but we bring a lunch and usually stay until close to 2!). This is an ongoing class…new students can join in anytime!

WHERE: Hobby Lobby Classroom in Denton on Loop 288 and Colorado across from the mall, at the back of the store.  

COST: I started this class in February 2013 with the goal of having an ongoing class for a group of painters. Instead of charging for a set block of time (say 6 weeks) you pay for the days when you come. Of course, I hope you will make every effort to come to each class since the lessons progress as a series, building upon what was learned earlier. The pay arrangement is unique. You purchase a card with 6 sessions for $150. Each time you come your card will be validated. After six have been used, you may purchase another card and continue with the classes. This system allows for more flexibility with your schedule. If you miss a class due to travel, company, illness or appointments, you don't pay for a class you don't attend!
Each class begins with a sharing time (I don't like the word "critique") on work done at class and even works done at home. No fear…It is gentle and positive! I paint demos and work through the same assignments as the class. If you already paint with watercolors, I will be taking you in new directions with new windows to open in your art work. If you are a beginner, or have not painted in awhile, I have something for you also. We all begin somewhere and we all progress from that point. Through my lessons there is something for everyone, at any level.
Each week you will get a printed sheet for future reference of the lesson, examples, and information. I try to incorporate a bit of art history so you can get a feel for how other artists have approached the subject matter. (One day I am going to print a book! In the meantime, you get loose sheets) Some of the topics are:
Contour Drawing/Value Study, Smooth transition in shapes/shadows, Complementary Colors, Color Temperature, Texture, White Space, Negative Space Painting, Mood through color and light, Negative Space, Perspective, in Shadows, How to Photo Document Final Piece & Frame, Rhythm and Overlapped Pattern, A Landscape in Three Analagous Colors, Cool Subject – Hot colors…Colors You Don’t Expect, Mood, Pattern, Contrast in a Figure Painting, Neutral Colors and more!


I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts and have been an art instructor for 40+ years! I regularly paint demonstrations for North Texas area art associations and once a year I teach a workshop/retreat for one week at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM and one in Branson, MO. I have also begun taking artists with me for Art Adventures Abroad. In 2015 we went to Spain and in 2016 we are going to Portugal! My art has been published in national magazines, books, on television and won many awards in national juried art exhibits. I am a past President of Society of Watercolor Artists based in Fort Worth, TX and still serve actively on the Board. I would love to share with you my passion for painting!


I'm included in the Best of Worldwide Artists, Vol 1

I am one of 124 artists from 21 countries chosen by Kennedy Publishing to be released in 2013. Three of my images have been chosen: "Sweet Dreams", "Rainbow Agave" and "Peony in Pink, Lintao, China" for a 2-page spread.  The 3 paintings are pictured below.

"Best of Worldwide Artists, Vol I" pgs 22,23

I am included in the Zentangle 9: Color with Mixed Media Book now available! This is what happens once you begin doing Zentangle, a meditative style of graphic design. This particular image began as a watercolor I painted in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico titled "Cabo Hibiscus." Several years later, I improved it with Zentangle and it is now "Tangled Hibiscus." It is one of two of my paintings included in Suzanne McNeill's book, "Zentangle 9" in which I am a featured artist!

My turtle photograph was chosen by Norie Sato as a reference for one mosaic column installed as part of the Chisholm Trail Parkway in the Fort Worth North Texas Tollway Authority public art project. Mosaics were made by Franz Mayer Studio in Germany. Each column is 2' diameter x 13' tall. The columns crossing the Trinity Riverway focus on water creatures and plants in that area.

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